Our Team Members

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Pet Health Clinic in Easton! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets! Please call us at 410-820-4286 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

Dr. Candice Andrews

Hi I’m Dr Andrews or Candice but definitely not a Candi! I am proud to be a member of the steel drum band ‘Spark in Da Pan’, I love to play the card game Magic the Gathering (which I play competitively from time to time) and my practice manager likes to remind me of my passion for research and planning LOL! In any spare time I can find I love to lounge on the beach in O.C. with my husband John and my 3 sons Thomas, Bobby and William. My furkids aren’t as fond of the beach but they do love long snuggles on the couch! (2 Dogs Leo & Kyle and 2 cats Devi & Hei-Hei).

I graduated from Virginia Tech as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Considering the path I dedicated my life to it would be obvious that I love animals but this life has further enabled me to help people. I started my own practice because I saw a need and I wanted to empower you to be able to help your pets. There is no greater feeling than helping both people and animals at the same time!

Mary Josephine Heaver
Associate Veterinarian

Hi, I’m Dr. Heaver.I received my degree from Ross University in 2002 and I have been an Associate here at PHC since fall of 2016. I did not turn in a biography for my Practice Manager to write an about me section so she is going to make up some fantastic fiction:

The following is completely untrue: Before becoming a veterinarian I traveled the world and tried out many different professions in search of my purpose on this Earth. Man am I glad I found PHC and that quest is over! I went from being an Olympic Gold Medal High Diver to traversing the USA from sunrise to sunset in big rig, eating greasy diner food and getting to meet new people who might need a lift from A to B. I did particularly enjoy my brief stint as a Ostrich Babysitter. Baby ostrich are quite mean to each other and someone has to act as a referee. It was this line of work that lead to my realization that Veterinary Medicine was my calling. Animals, I am passionate about the health and wellbeing of animals. I have now settled down and found my furever home!

Amanda Rush
Office Manager

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m the short one here at PHC. I’m very quiet… well, until you get to know me anyway. At home I like to cook and clean. I know, cleaning, but it’s satisfying. I came to PHC late in 2015 and I have loved how much I have learned in the last couple years. Veterinary medicine is so fascinating. There is always something new and interesting to see and do. I help make animals better. I help owners learn how to offer their pets better care through prevention and nutrition. It’s great. Although I have to admit my favorite part of the job is kind of gross. Abscesses! Honestly everyone in veterinary medicine loves abscesses. The animal comes in feeling not great and painful (no one likes that part) but it is something we can fix! The fix is easy and super satisfying! (A lot like popping a pimple but bigger and grosser. hahahaha)! I live with my 2 dogs and one cat (Emmett – Boxer mix, Charlie – American Bulldog mix and Finnegan – Medium hair orange tabby) all rescues. I’ll probably be the crazy dog lady one day. LOL I want all the puppies!!!

Jennifer Tilley
Lead Technician

Hey, I’m Jen and I am super excited you are reading this. That means you want to get to know us as much as we want to get to know you! I am the lead technician here at PHC and have been here since 2012. I originally got my Bachelors in Journalism but I have recently returned to school to get my Veterinarian Technician License. In my spare time I enjoy cooking/baking and decorating cakes with my girlfriend Ashley. I also enjoy going out as often as possible to ride my beautiful horse, Kinzer. I am passionate about writing stories and music, I love going to concerts as often as possible.

I have 2 dogs (a pitbull named Kessie and a ??beagle mix?? named Lincoln) 3 cats (Oliver, Squishy and Jules) and of course Kinzer. Guys I love working in the veterinary industry. It is awesome to be able to help so many pets and really make a difference in the lives of their people. Can’t wait to meet your furbaby!

Nathan Burt
Retail Inventory Manager

I’m Nate and I have been with PHC since 2014. I handle all things retail which means I research all of the food and treats PHC carries to make sure they fit our strong opinions on nutrition. In my spare time I pride myself at being an amateur writer but being a brony is my favorite past time. I am very proud of my collection of over 300 My Little Ponies, keepsakes and memorabilia. My favorite of the collection is Derpy Hooves who I feel is one of the most under appreciated ponies. I also enjoy knitting and crocheting saddles and blankets for my ponies so they don’t get cold in the winter. I live at home with my 3 cats Princess, Lemur and Dorito. And if you have read this far you can probably guess that I did not submit my autobiography in time so it may or may not have been written for me.

Kristina Greenwood-Garza
Veterinary Assistant

Oh you wanna know about me? Cool! Lets see… the generic stuff: I am going to school for Environmental Science. I am so happy to have just got married to the only man I’ve ever had eyes for, Eduardo Garza. I have several amazing nieces and nephews that I really enjoy spending time with and I have my cat (Newt), a crested gecko (Ruby), and 2 leopard geckos (Angel & Clementine).

What about who I am? I am a closet singer and dancer, I can do anything if you aren’t looking! I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family, especially if we are watching Walking Dead together. My calling in life is helping animals, learning new ways to apply makeup and of course aloe socks. I know, yes, aloe socks. Have you tried them? You will now, trust me. I am obsessed with weird and unusual things which is probably why I love science so much. I try to live one moment at a time. “After all you can endure anything for 10 seconds at a time” – The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I have been an assistant with PHC since 2015. It is such a rewarding job. I get to help animals, meet new & interesting people and learn something new everyday.

Tori Pearson
Veterinary Assistant

Oh dear… They said I have to write something up about me. I like everything so this could get long. I like to make jewelry and go thrift shopping. I find some of the coolest, most unusual stuff in thrift stores. I believe “The truth is out there”, I always dance in the car, drink my coffee black and will call your pet “Baby” even if it is 17 yrs old!! I’ve been a part of the PHC family since 2016 and I really love doing ear cytology. They tell me I’m one of the best at them here at PHC which is awesome! I live with my husband, John, and our adorable cat/son/squatter Geordi. Guys veterinary medicine is the best because we get to help the creatures who give us unconditional love. It feels so good to send them home with their their Mom & Dad after we’ve made them feel better! <3

Katie Effinger
Veterinary Assistant

I’m Katie and I just started at PHC last fall (2017) so I am one of the new faces for some of you. I <3 reading a good book with a nice glass of wine and running so I can have more glasses of wine. I just love coffee, Game of Thrones, singing in the car and dancing to the music in my head. I am an avid Whovian. If you don’t know what that is I recommend taking some time in your relative dimension in space and watch some Dr. Who! I have 2 Children, Riley and Parker, 2 dogs (Hudson – a Goldendoodle and Allie – a Boston terrier/Corgi mix). I am fluent in sarcasm and I am strong, independent and confident. I think veterinary medicine is great because animals are just amazing and that becomes more apparent everyday.

Patti O’Neal
Veterinary Assistant

Hey I’m Patti and I just started PHC in the fall (2017). I love it here, there is so much to learn and the job is very rewarding! I went to Anne Arundel Community College and U.S. Army Counter Signal Intelligence School. I live with my partner Karen and our 3 cats (Truxy, Cagney and Lacey) 2 dogs (Tucker and Trouble). I enjoy sailing and playing my drums (a doumbek and Djembe). I have to be on time, being late drives me nuts! Please let me organize things. Everything has a place and I will find it. Orderliness is sacred to me. I hate waste so I really enjoy upcycling and fixing broken things (so veterinary medicine is great because I get to help fix broken babies). You will find that I always have a smile on my face and I laugh at literally everything! Thanks for reading!

Cherie Baron

I am Cherie and I have been a part of the PHC family since 2011. I joke that I am the Cinderella (without the wicked step family, these guys are wonderful). I am usually in the back cleaning and sterilizing the surgical tools though occasionally you will see me upfront to answer calls, check you in or ring you out. I have a BA in visual and performing arts from UMBC with a MD Teacher Certification. I love long distance running. I have run multiple half marathons, 2 full marathons and I have to do a challenging trail run for my bucket list! I enjoy hiking forest trails and mountains, gardening with my chickens who collect the bugs and my dogs that till the soil.

Family is very important to me. I am blessed with my funny, helpful and loving husband, George (who is best known for the uncomfortably long hug should you choose to accept one). We have 9 entertaining chickens, 2 dogs (Quincey the frisbee enthusiast, and Sully my shadow), 4 cats (Mika the opera singer and feline soulmate, Arlo the devilish dynamo, Dewey – 16 year old feisty feline, and Eva – climber extraordinaire that duels as a scarf.
My passion is teaching young children in a nature based environment where experience and inquiry encourages and nurtures each child’s imagination, intelligence and sense of wonder, love and learning. As a teacher, I appreciate that the staff here at PHC strive to create a fear free and positive environment for its patients, educate owners, as well as meet the needs of the surrounding community with compassionate and affordable care. People of all financial means love and wish to care for animals properly.

Chris Weber
Inventory Assistant

HI! I’m Chris and I have 3 dogs (Jeb – my pride and joy, Josie – my love bug and Nemo – my Puerto Rican vacation rescue that has proven the phrase “nothing in life is ever free”). They are the reason I would always the staff here at PHC that they should hire me and eventually it worked!! Veterinary medicine is never dull! There is always something interesting and that includes you! I love meeting new people because new people are so interesting. I enjoy fishing, butterfly husbandry and harrassing (I MEAN ENTERTAINING!) my co-workers. I really enjoy having a social media presence where I do live entertaining/informational videos on facebook #CaptainChris

Aaina Kirby
Veterinary Assistant

Hi I’m Aaina. I am proud to have been a part of the PHC family since 2014. I am kind of a crazy cat lady. I love everything that has to do with cats! (Keep that in mind if you want to buy me a gift sometime). I am a proud grandmother and the Mommy of 2 cats Minnie (who is ironically obese) and Ms. Kitty. In my spare time I enjoy the practice of Yoga and Belly Dancing. I am a very spiritual person, I am a medium (not psychic) and I love working for PHC where I can channel healing energy to sick babies. I recently got engaged and I am super excited to begin this new chapter in my life. “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Kim Ellis

I am passionate about animals and my job. It is fun and rewarding to take a dog and make them look and feel great! You can really tell by the smiles on their face how much better they feel after being groomed. My favorite breeds to groom are Cocker Spaniels and Schnauzers. I graduated Howard high School in 1994, got Certified as a veterinary assistant in 2001 and completed Grooming Training in 2008. I married my husband, Kyle, in 2010. I have a daughter Kyle, a stepson, Brandon a great dane Grimm and 7 cats Raven, Sniper, Phantom, Vader, Tux, Peggy and Poncho and a bearded dragon Pheadra. I love hanging out with my family and playing games or going to the movies. But the challenges and rewards of veterinary medicine and grooming are incredibly rewarding!